Philosophy and Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Oxley Kids is a Christian Early Childhood Centre, committed to excellence in education and care, through which children develop their abilities in a secure, yet stimulating setting. Each child is nurtured in a Christian environment and these Christian values are an integral part of all programs.

As part of Life Ministry Centre Ltd’s educational services with Oxley Christian College, Oxley Kids upholds and actively promotes and encourages Christian values.



We believe that every person is uniquely created by God and that all have the ability to learn and achieve. We believe that every child should be valued for their individual gifts and should be afforded the opportunity to develop to their full potential. We support children to develop an understanding of themselves in relation to others; nurturing a sense of respect and compassion in order to develop well rounded children with a strong moral foundation.


We believe that children need a warm, safe and secure environment in which to develop and learn – an environment which fosters confidence in themselves and their abilities – a place where they belong. We encourage children to form positive relationships with their peers across all age groups, as well as within their families. We encourage children to celebrate their own, and each other’s, rich cultural heritage. We encourage our staff, children and families in sustainable practices and to care for our natural and built environments.


We believe that the family is the child’s first and most influential educator and that children’s learning occurs when children are strongly connected to family, community, culture and place1. We believe that when children feel strongly connected and experience a sense of belonging, they are confident to explore and learn.


We believe that in order to develop to their full potential we must ensure that all aspects of the child’s health and well-being are supported. This includes the health, nutrition, spiritual and physical development of the child. Oxley Kids staff will work in partnership with parents to support their child’s learning and development. We acknowledge and value parental input and feedback in all aspects of our service.


The requirements of the National Quality Framework are incorporated into our programs and encourage each child to grow in all areas, be it creative, social, physical, emotional or spiritual. We believe in providing a balanced program, involving a variety of experiences which provide opportunity for children to explore, enquire, discover, make meaning, investigate and create. We highly value the role of play in children’s learning, recognising that play is a child’s natural way of expressing, sharing, extending and modifying accumulated knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.


We believe that staff should be highly professional, well-resourced and trained, and committed to sharing Christian values with children and families. Educators are encouraged and supported to use a diversity of skills and experiences that enrich the children’s time at the service.